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Strategic plans

Download here Macheo Strategic Plan 2021-2023

The main points of the current strategic plan 2018-2020:

Macheo’s goals are defined in four categories:

  1. Increase success rate
  2. Lower unit costs
  3. Increase budget
  4. Achieve organizational stability

Goal #1: increase success rate
Definition of success differs per intervention and has to be defined carefully. 2018 is the year of this definition and have a reliable baseline. Annual goal afterwards is to increase the success rate by at least 25% in each intervention.

Goal #2: lower unit costs
The goal is to have achieved an absolute 10% reduction in unit costs by ultimo 2020. This means a relative reduction of 25%, when we assume an annual inflation of 7%.

Goal #3: increase budget
Macheo aims to double its budget by 2020, based on the 2017 budget of 85M Kenyan Shilling. This budget is calculated by adding up all donations, plus profits of our own income generating projects, minus the amounts carried forward from previous year.

Goal #4: achieve organizational stability
Organizational stability refers to stable relations with our most important stakeholders (beneficiaries, staff, funding partners and the government of Kenya).
Stability towards beneficiaries means a stable vision and policy, and operations conform our core values, so that beneficiaries always know what to expect from Macheo, what Macheo expects from them and how we deliver our services.
Stability for staff means; sound employer ship, strong performance management, appreciation of staff members, recruitment process that adds value to all and a place of work that is safe and creates opportunities for growth.
Stability with funding partners is crucial. Most important major donors should be encouraged to enter long term contracts. Modern, honest communication should maintain partners.
Key relations with government representatives are to be developed and monitored continuously.
Arguably the largest growth in adding value to our beneficiaries could come from increasing working relationships with the government of Kenya.

The names of the board members of Macheo Children’s Organization NGO:

Josphat Ngaira Musumba, chairman 

Jennifer Wanjiru Weru, treasurer

Michiel Hoogerwerf, member 

The remuneration policy:

• The remuneration policy:
No financial reward is given to board members. The (much larger) reward consists of the fact that we give hopeless children a future with our work.

Macheo also feels a large responsibility towards beneficiaries and donors to use the funds that are entrusted to them as economically and efficiently as possible. Therefor we always have to balance how we spend our funds. With regard to the remuneration of our Kenyan staff we aim to comply with all Kenyan labour laws, and provide salaries that are conform the market rates, not above and certainly not below.

The HR philosophy:

As an employer we try to be an organization where employees feel safe, respected, worthy and see opportunities for personal growth. An active policy of recruiting staff with lower access to the labour market, such as physically or mentally challenged people, is in place. We strive towards a healthy mix of ethnicity, religion and gender.

Macheo Children’s Organization NGO

NGO registration number Kenya: OP.218/051/2005/0410/3824


P.O. Box 3443
01002 Madaraka
Thika, Kenya (East-Africa)
Tel. +254 (0) 723 580 717 (Marnix Huis in ’t Veld)

Bank account in Kenya

  • 9302098436001 (euro) Standard Chartered Bank, Branch Thika
  • 0102098436001 (KES) Standard Chartered Bank, Branch Thika
  • 8702098436001 (USD) Standard Chartered Bank, Branch Thika

Contact information

Macheo Children’s Organization (general)
P.O. Box 3443-01002,
Madaraka, Thika, Kenya

For job enquiries / Kenyan volunteers :

For specific questions regarding Macheo Children’s Home:

Annual reports

Download Macheo’s annual report 2017

Download Macheo’s annual report 2018

Download Macheo’s annual report 2019

Download Macheo’s annual report 2020

Download Macheo’s annual report 2021

Macheo Theoretical Framework

Macheo’s Theoretical Framework was first finalized in 2016. We are currently updating it.

Unfortunately, we are always faced with scarcity. The challenges surrounding us are much bigger then the solutions we can provide. This forces us to make conscious choices about who to help. This document is meant to guide the choices we make while serving the children in our area.

Download Macheo’s Theoretical Framework

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