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Volunteers can be deployed in many ways:

  • Tell about Macheo at work or at your club
  • Help with setting up or carrying out a project or action
  • Ask which help we actually need at this moment via

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Think of a creative way to help Macheo

  • Birthday? Ask every guest a contribution for Macheo instead of gifts
  • Become a monthly donor: in this way we can help children and families every month
  • Invent your own sponsoring campaign for Macheo

Macheo has developed a unique approach of providing help. Due to this approach we can help more and more. Compared to a few years ago, we are so much more efficient and effective. Each donation, big or small, is handled with the realization that this is a donation that was given to help needy children. We believe this gives us a moral obligation to maximize impact with each generous gift. We are committed to full transparency and we are on a continuous journey to create more impact.
We believe that perspiration and innovation are the path, impact is the destination.

The needs around us are so much bigger then our solutions. We are daily faced with our own limitations. We have to choose who to help and in which way. And you can help us disappointing fewer children! Simply put, we need more resources to give more children a brighter future. Currently Macheo assists approximately 40,000 children per year and we would like to help many more. Each and every donation we receive helps us to get closer to our big dream that all children grow up in a loving, caring and stimulating environment!

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Charitable work must be done with care! Have you become enthusiastic about the way we work too? Join us! We can achieve much more together.

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