‘We keep getting better in the way we help’

Marnix Huis in't Veld

Founder Macheo

The children's problems are too complex for one solution.

Therefore we choose the most promising action from our “toolbox” for each child individually.

Psychological and financial help

Catherine received mental and practical assistance: she and her children were in danger. Macheo negotiated the hospital bills.

Enabling bonding and attachment in the baby house

Lucy was abandonded at birth, but was able to grow healthy and develop well in Macheo's baby house and is…

Household Economic Strengthening

Teenage mother Mary now makes a living for her and her children with her sewing machine.

Porridge and lunch at school

Thanks to nutritious porridge and a school lunch, Gideon gets healthy food and can go to school.

The children’s home

In 2006, John was among the first group of children to find temporary shelter in the children's home. He received…

The Macheo-method

Macheo focuses on the complete situation: what are the challenges, what is causing these challenges, which help is needed, who is best positioned to provide that help now and in the long run. From our “toolkit” we apply the most efficient and effective interventions for the specific situation. Through our monitoring & evaluation we verify if the help had the desired impact.

More about the Macheo-method

– 1 –
Macheo helps vulnerable children and their families in the urban slums and rural areas around Thika, Kenya.

– 2 –
Macheo means ‘sunrise’ in Kiswahili. Sunrise means to us: to have as many children as possible to grow up happily in a safe, caring and stimulating environment that promotes the best of their potential.

– 3 –
We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions: the challenges these children face deserve better and that is a tailor-made solution.

– 4 –
Wij don’t just help, but we first carefully identify the real need and root causes.

– 5 –
Following the needs identification, we identify which measures can be taken to address these needs and root causes. And who is best placed to provide these interventions? How can we organize the help in the most efficient way? This enables us to help more children with our scarce resources!

– 6 –
Are we effective? We want to know this exactly, so we measure before, during and after the effect our efforts have.

– 7 –
We will never compete with the government of Kenya. Wherever possible we work closely together. The most effective way in which we can help is to help people make use of what the government is providing.

A word from some of our stakeholders

Donor of Macheo

'I admire their honesty and transparency'

Stijn Kneppers
Stijn Kneppers

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Employee Macheo

'Macheo helped me to develop myself'

Gladys Atieno
Gladys Atieno

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