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Teenage mother Mary now makes a living with her sewing machine for herself and her children.

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Teenage mother Mary, 20 years old now, became pregnant at the age of 13. She lived in the dangerous slums of Kiandutu, in an environment full of drugs, crime and filth. She had no idea how to raise a baby. Macheo taught her to take good care of her baby and enabled her to go to school and train as a tailor. She also got her own sewing machine and now has her own business: she sells clothes and can provide for herself and her child. She is expecting her second child now, and is happy that her life has taken such a drastic positive turn. With her experience she also wants to help other teenage mothers. Since she can earn her own money for her and her child, she could also move to a safer place. She is overjoyed that she now has a safe home where her children can grow up well. She is full of plans to expand her business, because..: "I want to be able to pay for my children's education with my tailoring business. "

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